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List of the Most Actual Cause and Effect Essay Topics

List of the Most Actual Cause and Effect Essay Topics

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Cause and effect essay topics: What does this assignment mean?

Cause and effect essay is such a task given by the teachers to assess the student’s ability to explain the causes and effects of certain events. Such a paper reflects the logic of some events happening.
For example, when you come to a therapist, he or she does not prescribe your medications on the spot. The first thing they do is define the reasons and symptoms of your illness. Depending on these things, they decide what medications to give. This is close to the way the student is supposed to pick up a topic for the cause and effect essay.
Some students think it is much easier to select the topic on their own. However, the others find it more convenient to pick up the topic which the teacher provides them with. The truth is that it might be more complicated to find the topic yourself since it requires more research.

Working on the Cause & Effect Essay Outline: Structure & Components

Right before checking out our list of essays, you would better have a look at the paper’s outline. It will provide you with an insight on how to structure such an essay properly. Firstly, the outline is supposed to be a chain of causes. Secondly, there should be a “domino effect”.
Meaning, there is one cause for a number of effects. For instance, the powerful earthquake near Thailand has caused the destruction of the tourist zones by tsunami and thousands of deaths.
Another type of such an essay supposes multiple topics. Meaning, there are many causes and many effects.

What is a Good Cause and Effect Topic?

When you should choose the most appropriate cause and effect essay topic, the main success factor is to understand the guidelines of such a paper prompt. Therefore, the title of this essay must be catchy and attractive to the reader. Here are several things to take into consideration when choosing themes:
1. Define the possible effects and causes. Take a piece of paper and pen to jot down the thoughts you plan in order to cover and their importance in your community. Underline the possible interrelated subjects (define whether you can generate a single cause for many effects).
2. Choose the appropriate working style to manage your ideas. Make sure you understand the relationships between these subjects and are able to organize the ideas in a clear and proper manner.
3. Choose the ideas which make sense. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience’s members. Try to grab their attention. What is most interesting for you? For instance, you might draw the attention of your readers or audience if you choose topics like surviving in the community or student’s popularity.
4. Find insight and inspiration. Create a masterpiece using some reference. For example, you may get inspiration from your hobby. Note that writing is a form of art.

70 Stunning Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Students of Different Levels

Pick up the most appropriate essay topic from a list below. Select the one which describes the most valuable issues of society.

Cause and effect paper topics for college students

1. The possible way how non-profit organizations influence local communities.
2. The poor quality of water and the role of it in the USA’s healthcare industry.
3. The more baby boomers who achieve the retirement age: what do they do?
4. People with disabilities: what are the main causes and effects of being disabled
5. Inappropriate sanitation in the USA’s society.
6. The possible way of how mobile devices influence business entities’ development.
7. A correlation between playing cruel video games and people’s behavior.
8. The effects of the strict birth control for our society.
9. Causes of obesity amongst the USA’s teenagers.
10. Things that make young girls be suffering from Anorexia.

Cause and effect essay topics for middle school

1. The causes and the effects of living below the poverty line.
2. “The root of all evil”: the certain things which lead to homelessness and unemployment.
3. Bullying and the effects of it on mental health.
4. The things which make certain artists be the most profitable and successful in the world.
5. “Twilight”: What are the several causes and effects of the movie’s success.
6. Must students of both sexes be forced to learn at school separately?
7. Why do so many students tend to believe that homework is useless?
8. Why most of the USA’s students claim history is one of the most boring subjects in the curriculum?
9. Wearing the school uniform: pros and cons
10. The way the labels such as “talented,” “gifted,” or “successful” impact students.

Cause and effect essay topics for high school

1. The growing up with food insecurity: the threats to teenager’s lives.
2. The ongoing discrimination and racism in schools.
3. The role of sexism in today’s society.
4. How to lose or gain popularity in high school?
5. What is the greatest effect of the charter schools upon the educational system?
6. Do “Pretty Little Liars” have a huge impact on contemporary students?
7. Effects the parents of the children with the ADHD encounter, sending them to the regular public schools.
8. The remote education features certain perspectives in the nearest future.
9. The sexual education: What are its advantages and disadvantages grounded on the effects.
10. The parent involvement in the children’s education: What are causes and effects?

Fun cause and effect essay topics

1. The causes and effects of having fun upon the drummers of the band.
2. The turning home pet which was successful upon the web.
3. Uploading of the wrong photo to someone’s Instagram.
4. The causes of “Harry Potter” are replacing “Lord of the Rings” and its effects on such modification.
5. Do not miss a possible match since you may watch this online!
6. How to get the most benefits from the using of the improved Internet connection (4G vs 2G)?
7. Does to have many friends on Instagram guarantees to be famous?
8. Things to relief the pain if the battery of the phone gets low outside.
9. The becoming very successful entrepreneurs thanks to selling off the funny stuff.
10. Things that can make a contemporary student lol.

Historical cause and effect topics

1. The Soviet Union – What have the causes of its collapse been and what have the effects been?
2. What led to rise to the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 and what possible effects did it make on those concerned?
3. The analysis of the causes & effects of the Salem witch trials
4. The Pearl Harbour attack and World War II – Analysis of its causes & effects
5. The Cuban missile crisis in the 1960s – The analysis of the cause & effects upon the citizens
6. Hitler and Stalin’s pact – The defining of the cause & effect
7. What led to the invasion of Britain by Romans and which have the effects been?
8. What have the causes of the Arab Spring uprisings been and which have the effects been on the women’s rights?
9. How was stability and peace achieved in Northern Ireland and which were the effects upon the economy?
10. What led to the continued opium harvesting growth and what were its effects on the world within time?

Simple topics

1. The things which make the patients burn out.
2. Factors that can turn kids successful.
3. Open campus: The Pros & Cons.
4. Things that can make an average student be a successful blogger.
5. Why is the Google search engine more famous than the Yahoo one and others?
6. Which factors have made people (or potential buyers) spend more money on shopping?
7. How may a mobile application become famous in a week?
8. Effects when having zero rest in winter or summer.
9. Coke and Pepsi: What is their influence on people’s health.
10. Causes which explain why the children who are acting the exact way they wish and the most massive and important effects of it.

Compare and contrast essay for 6th grade

1. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians: What are the most significant effects of war?
2. Selecting between studying Spanish and studying French.
3. Different approaches to doing homework tasks.
4. Dictatorship or democracy: What strategy is better?
5. What makes the college differ from the university?
6. What is the difference between the culture of the UK and the culture of the USA?
7. Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece: What is their major role in history?
8. The effect of the Baroque and Renaissance upon contemporary architecture.
9. The ideas by Einstein and the ideas of the gravity by Newton: The way both the scientists influenced the world.
10. Selecting between the 3-star and 5-star hotels in Mexico.

What’s next?

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