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Online Plagiarism Checker

There are more than ten billion written papers online, and it is almost impossible to complete an original assignment. Even if you don’t copy and paste separate parts of other documents as if they were your own, you may use common phrases, which an online checking tool will determine as plagiarism.

Furthermore, there is a necessity to complete a lexical and grammar check before you submit the assignment. However, not many students possess editing and proofreading skills. That is why getting access to a plagiarism checker free on the web can be of great use!

What is plagiarism

Let us start with defining what plagiarism really is. It is the act when a person is using someone’s work, not giving them proper credit. You should remember that definition doesn’t include intentions, which means that plagiarism may be committed both: intentionally and unintentionally.

Delivering a paper without proper referencing and crediting may lead to serious consequences, even if you think that paraphrasing is not plagiarism. Remember, learning about plagiarism becomes the first step in understanding how to avoid it.

Example of plagiarism

Below are the most popular plagiarism examples you need to avoid:

  1. 1. Direct plagiarism, when you intentionally copy and paste someone else’s work without acknowledgments;
  2. 2. Patchwriting. When a student fails in paraphrasing, he usually rephrases the author’s words and includes them to the text without mentioning the original piece. It is also called ‘spinning’;
  3. 3. Self-plagiarism. Students think that plagiarism happens only when you steal works of others. However, using your own words from previous texts is still considered an academic crime;
  4. 4. Misleading citations. When you add a citation that is not directly related to the text, you also participate in academic dishonesty, even if it is not such a serious crime, as copy-pasting;
  5. 5. Invented sources, which are used when students want to mask the lack of research on the topic. Invented sources often occur when students forget to note down the sources they use. For example, you have found a great quote but don’t know where it was taken from. Will you remove the quote from your text or will make up the source?
  6. 6. Uncredited paraphrasing. It occurs when students paraphrase the source text but fail to cite it properly;
  7. 7. Accidental. This plagiarism type is the most controversial because it means that the student has simply forgotten to cite the text or didn’t know where he learned a particular fact.

Citation is not plagiarism

There are several main reasons that make proper citing so important:

  • Citing shows that you are a serious researcher. You value the work of others and always give credit to other authors. You would also want your works to be sited, wouldn’t you?
  • Citations help students to research the topic if they are interested in it. In such a way you help others to improve their knowledge and to conduct their own research;
  • It is ethical to cite every source. When you don’t cite someone’s work, you take credit for the quote, and it means that you don’t respect and don’t appreciate the academic achievements of others. Moreover, you risk not only your grades but performance on the course, because some tutors take plagiarism seriously and can even expel you.

You may use one of the free citation programs online or consult formatting style manuals on a proper citing. However, the best and the most secure way is to get professional citations help from those, who know every formatting style, every source type, and peculiarities of different academic assignments.

Why You Should Use Plagiarism Checker

It is not a secret that plagiarism can significantly influence your grades or even your future. Most of the professors check for plagiarism the assignments they get, so it is important to be sure that your paper is original and unique.

A plagiarism detector highlights common phrases, and your document may be considered plagiarized only because it lacks individuality and is similar to others! It doesn’t mean that you were cheating or using someone else’s words and sentences!

Do you want such a stupid mistake to influence your future? If not, checking the paper will be the best solution.

How Does Plagiarism Checker Work?

If you want to scan for plagiarism any of your assignments, it is necessary to get familiar with the software logic. In such a way, the whole process won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. The process consists of several steps:

  1. 1. Once you have completed your text and want to check whether it contains any plagiarized parts, you need to copy the document and paste it in a special bar on the website or in the box of the program. If you have certain settings or requirements, you can indicate them before pressing the ‘check’ button. When everything is ready, you only need to click the Check button;
  2. 2. When you push the ‘check’ bar, the program analyzes your work and compares it to other documents available on the Internet and those which are printed. Depending on the size and complexity of your paper, you will get a plagiarism report within 2-3 minutes;
  3. 3. When the check is completed, you will be transferred to the page with all the details about your work. They include its uniqueness and the sources, which have similar content. There are also additional instruments, which may complete a deeper analysis if necessary;
  4. 4. Some programs also offer grammar and spell checker suggestions to improve your text before the delivery. You can always opt for such features additionally;
  5. 5. Finally, you can download the report in various formats if you decide to deliver it along with your work.

How Our Tool Checks Papers?

We offer you a high-quality plagiarism checker with unique operating logic. When you upload a file, it is compared not only to Internet documents but also to the ones, which are in print. In such a way, you can be sure that your paper will be checked on similarities with billions of other documents!

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how many times you submit the same paper to our program: it will always be checked carefully. This means that if your tutor decides to check your work after the delivery, it won’t be flagged incorrectly.

In addition, we will help you to eliminate grammatical mistakes and improve your work significantly!

Free Plagiarism Checker

Our plagiarism scanner is the best in the field, and you can use it not depending on the level of your computer skills. It is very simple, and you only need to follow the instructions to check your paper for plagiarism.

By making a few clicks, you will be sure that your work is original. You also have an option to check your text for free within 3 free tries! Use our software right now to be sure that you deliver the best plagiarism-free paper from scratch!

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