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Chemistry Research Topics: Complete Guide For Students


Chemistry is a complex subject. This is a challenging discipline for many students who struggle a lot with the tasks related to chemistry. Writing an essay on chemistry is also difficult because there are so many aspects to consider. One of them is looking for the most appropriate chemistry research topic.

This is a difficult task for students. You can have problems with it either because you have too many variants or because you have no option to consider. 

There are many ideas that you can find on the Internet. But unfortunately, they are not original. They are simple and are present in the paper of most students. If you find a topic, it can not be interesting enough. Or it can give little information for complete and extensive research. Thus, looking for a good topic isn’t easy. Your task is to find a subject that provides a lot of data on the Internet and is interesting to work with. Let’s start with interesting areas and then move on to specific topics for your research. 

Areas for Chemistry Research Topics

Why is it important to choose the right area? When you work on a research paper, you need to be involved in the process. If you aren’t interested in the topic, you will be reluctant to do the research. For this reason, you have to choose the topic that would be interesting for you. This is the first thing that you should remember before writing the paper. 

You should also check if it is up to a point and have a scientific value. Your research writing has a specific goal: to demonstrate new innovative approaches to ordinary things or reveal more about laboratory aspects. 

Chemistry is a broad discipline. It interacts with other disciplines creating new studies and subjects. What we remember from our school years is only a small part of what chemistry is all about. Thus, to choose the correct topic, you need to take chemistry as a set of different areas. So what are these areas? 

  • nanochemistry. This is a relatively new area of study. It aims to research chemistry together with nanoscience notions. If you work with nanochemistry, you will face genome study, synthesis, locks, and model building. The achievements made by nanochemistry are used in technology and various weapons constructions. In the list of topics, you will find the examples that brightly show this area’s specificity. If you decide to work with this area of study in your research, use correct citing. You should also support your analysis with proper arguments because there are a lot of new and controversial aspects of consideration;
  • organic chemistry. If we ignore complex terms, this study area can be explained as the study of organic compounds containing carbon. This area also investigated the properties of these compounds, their structure, and their composition. Who will benefit from the studies in this area? Dentists, veterinarians, chemistry engineers, and other people engaged in the study of living organisms. If you want to know the examples from real life, we want to draw your attention to foods, plastics, and fuels that we use daily. These are vivid examples of organic chemistry. These are complex examples that are difficult to work with. But you will find clear topics that can facilitate your writing process; 
  • biochemistry. If you aren’t familiar with the term, we can give you a clear idea about it. Think of the environment, healthcare, opioids, and genetics. Do these words sound familiar to you? These are the aspects that biochemistry deals with. This area works closely with laboratory research. Therefore, you can find a whole lot of topics related to laboratory work and processes. This area is highly linked with biology and different experiments. If you decide to use this area, you will have very interesting research—biochemistry studies genetically-modified food, medication, and other subject-related aspects;
  • biomolecular analysis. This area is a complex one. It works with identifying antibodies, genes, or drugs. Why should you choose this area? The answer is clear. Working with biomolecular analysis will give you a lot of topics with the possibility to manage extensive research. Nevertheless, this isn’t the easiest task for the students; following proper structure is your key to success;
  • analytical chemistry. If you enjoy analyzing various topics and aspects, this area is perfect for you. This particular area is popular among students. You can choose an appealing research topic and investigate it extensively. 

Tips to Manage Chemistry Research Writing Successfully

  1. Write an outline. This is the first and the most helpful top that you can get. Writing an outline can facilitate your writing process. The outline is a so-called plan that you follow when writing. It needs to have basic features common for a particular writing task. First of all, you need to create a persuasive thesis statement. Here you tell the reader the main idea and goal of your writing. Then you move to the following text parts. If you do everything correctly, you can achieve great results. An outline is what makes your text structured and helps maintain the same style of writing. If you are confused with the structure, outline the major points at first. 
  2. Restrict the use of colloquial language. This is academic writing. Thus, you should make use of active voice and ignore colloquial vocabulary. Together with the correct structure, this tip will help you manage the task at the highest level. 
  3. Make use of reliable sources. When presenting the arguments, you cannot use the same words and phrases. You should use the information with your own words paraphrasing the facts. If you cannot resort to such practice, you need to cite the resources correctly. But make sure to use only reliable sources. In the requirements of the task, there could be some hints from your professor. Make sure to read this section since there you can find what sources are considered to be inappropriate. 
  4. Structure the text properly. Structure the information correctly throughout the whole text. Don’t mess up the paragraphs and use transition words to make the information flow naturally. 
  5. Try to include visual materials. If you add some visual information, it can enhance the results of your work. 

The Best Chemistry Research Topics

We have gathered a collection of the best chemistry research topics. Let’s get familiar with them. 

Innovative Topics for a Chemistry Research Writing

  1. How to avoid pesticides when working with agriculture?
  2. How to synthesize sustainable elements? 
  3. Analysis polymers in restricted areas.
  4. The concept of chemical ethics. 
  5. The investigation of the gene analysis.

The Hottest Topics for Chemistry Research

  1. The notion of Electrolysis and the concept of low-level extraction.
  2. The interaction between Hydrogen and Dipole 
  3. What is behind the organic chemical reactivity process? 
  4. The investigation of electrons délocalisés rings. 
  5. Why don’t we always get the desired results when working with chemical reactions? 

High School Topics for Chemistry Research Writing

  1. Efficient ways to calculate pH levels.
  2. Why do we need to follow safety rules during the chemistry classes? 
  3. Why are experiments important in the studying process? 
  4. What skills do you need to get to work in the laboratory? 
  5. How do we apply gas laws in practice? 

These are great chemistry research topics for every student. As you can see, there is nothing difficult if you take each process separately and work on it. In the article, we have tried to list important rules to help you deal with the writing and find the right research topic.

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