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What is education research?


This research is devoted to various aspects of education, institutions, current challenges, or ways of reforming it. It can cover other issues that may arise. For instance, in 2020, the COVID-19 virus has caused significant changes in the course of the educational process.

You may study any aspect of the educational process you are interested in. Alternatively, you may share with your direct experience or study foreign experience. When writing, keep in mind the next useful tips. 

Quick tips on how to make an education research

These helpful tips may facilitate your research:

  • Choose your approach: whether you want to describe, critically evaluate a topic, or develop your innovations.
  • Identify your main goal for this research. 
  • If you cannot choose between two approaches, make a list of the main deficiencies and advantages they have. This will help you to make the right choice.
  • Make a structure of your future research and its outline.
  • Refer to different resources, not only primary. For instance, forum discussions may give you a lot of useful information about your topic but still try to rely mostly on the sources of information that can be verified. 
  • Evaluate your ready-made research from the third-person perspective to see its results and drawbacks impartially. 

Good education research topics for your practice

Here are suggestions about topics you may use to practice in writing education researches:

  • Issues of accountability in modern education
  • How to develop critical thinking in the course educational process?
  • Ways of dealing with cyberbullying in modern education
  • About dress codes: are they necessary or not?
  • How to organize distant classes effectively?
  • Peculiarities of multinational education 
  • Effective involvement of parents in the course of studies
  • How to organize communication between teachers and parents effectively?
  • The recent state of private schooling, its pros, and cons 
  • Religion in the course of education 
  • What aspects should you consider when choosing a school?
  • Ways of reforming modern schooling
  • Evaluation of the students’ performance and ways for enhancing it
  • What should you know about loans?
  • The most significant risks for students 
  • How to enhance professional development for teachers
  • The review of the modern educational approaches.
  • Same-sex educational institutions: pros and cons
  • Ways for including practice into the educational process
  • About the importance of preschool education 
  • How to develop emotional intelligence in the course of modern education?
  • Ways of socialization and inclusion of the mentally challenged people. 
  • How to organize inclusive classes 
  • Considerations about grades in the course of education 
  • Modern vs. classical approaches for education 
  • Ways for preventing unhealthy psychological atmosphere in a school
  • How to develop discipline in the course of studies?
  • Ways for Dealing with informational overload
  • The most important qualities and competencies that a modern teacher should have 
  • How to develop motivation in the course of studies?
  • Audiobooks in modern education
  • Is the Internet a modern library? 
  • Controversial aspects of standardized tests
  • The history of my favorite university 
  • About the importance of developing morals in the course of education
  • Does a teacher have to teach only or have to do anything else?
  • Ways for Dealing with school violence. 
  • How to increase the application of modern educational methods?
  • Few words about social networking in the course of school studies
  • How to apply advanced technologies during the studies?
  • The role of students in organizing the educational process
  • How to tackle pandemic challenges for the modern educational system?
  • Digitalization and education 
  • How to encourage students to achieve more?

We hope this article was helpful. Feel free to use all indicated tips and pick a topic from this list. Be confident in your effort, and good luck with your research. 

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