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My Heroes Essay: Tips and Ideas to Make the Grade

My Heroes Essay: Tips and Ideas to Make the Grade

Student assignments can be very different. Sometimes you need to write an academic paper, and sometimes a more interesting essay that allows you to connect imagination and fantasy. For example, often students are asked to write my heroes essay. And there is something to ponder. In our life, many real heroes saved people by sacrificing their lives. And each student has one’s, own personal hero.

If you were assigned a task and you don’t know which essay to write, try to explain the personal qualities of this person. Show people what exactly you consider heroism, and what words can confirm your opinion.

We offer you instructions where you will find all the necessary information. Now an essay about your hero will not cause you any difficulties. But if you feel a lack of knowledge and experience, order the finished paper from a professional author!

A Few Steps That Will Help You When Writing An Essay

Here are 4 sure steps. Follow this plan and you will write an amazing essay that will amaze your teacher and classmates.


This is a great creative technique for writing different types of student work. Take time and write down all the heroes that come to your mind. These can be real people saving lives. Or fictional characters from comics or films. The main thing is that you can explain what qualities make these characters heroes. When you have a list, you can choose one option.

Clear outline

You need to prepare a consistent plan for your future work. At first glance, it may seem that this is not a mandatory task, but it is of great importance. After all, going to a new city, you always take a map with you, right? The outline of your essay will be the card, so prepare it responsibly.

Write a draft

You don’t have to write an awesome essay right away. Start with a draft and follow your plan. At this point, you may not think about possible mistakes. You will make all the necessary amends later. The main thing is that you write the text.

Reread Essay

When your essay is ready, take a break to return to it later. Now you can correct errors, get rid of typos, logical inaccuracies. Be sure to wait a couple of days and get enough sleep to look at your text with a fresh look. You can also use the online essay review services or order professional proofreading.

Making a clear outline

As we mentioned above, the outline is an important part of preparing for an essay. Here is an example plan to help you get your bearings:
• Introduction. As soon as you start thinking: what should be my heroes essay, try to imagine this hero. Then you can introduce it to readers in the first part of the essay. Briefly tell about this person why you consider him or her a hero.
• Body paragraphs. This part of the essay is necessary to expand on the topic. Describe your hero as detailed as possible. What qualities does he or she possess? What characteristics set them apart from other people? Do not forget about real examples.
• Conclusion Here you do not need to tell any new facts. Just think about how you can finish the text logically, what conclusion you can draw. You can call people to action, inspire or just cheer them up, reminding you of the existence of heroes.

Tips for making my heroes essay interesting

And although this topic does not seem too complicated, some students feel lost. We have prepared some working ideas for you that will help determine your path.

Write about the real hero

You can study the biography of a brave military man, pilot, lifeguard who helped children, etc.

Write about a fictional character

Nowadays, people are very fond of comics and science fiction films. Batman today is considered a very cool hero, although he does not exist in the real world. Try to analyze why people love such characters. What traits have helped them gain audience loyalty?

Write about famous people

To become a hero, it is not necessary to commit heroic deeds. This may be the scientist who discovered the important vaccine. Or the movie actor played an amazing inspirational role. Often we even choose our future career precisely thanks to such people. If this story is about you, be sure to open it in an essay.

Write about an ordinary person

Sometimes even the people who surround us in a familiar life can be heroes. Maybe your uncle saved a kitten from dogs? Or did your best friend give you advice that defined your whole life? Our friends can fight against unfair legislation, go to rallies, and organize campaigns useful for society. Each of them deserves the title of hero.

Ideas to help make your essay interesting

When you write an essay, you need to think not only about telling a story. You need to make this story interesting to readers. Our professional authors have prepared a selection of effective tips for you to help you make your essay even better.

• Write about someone unexpected. People are accustomed to thinking that heroes commit truly massive deeds. Each of us often faces situations where heroism can be shown. Write about people who help animals or the homeless, deal with bills that are important to society, etc.
• There are several qualities that we associate with heroes. This is courage, responsibility, willingness to take risks. Try to be more creative. Think of other important traits, such as optimism, kindness, mercy.
• Feel free to be original. If unconventional ideas come to mind, use them. No one is interested in reading another regular essay that talks about the importance of being kind. To notice any details that we rarely pay attention to. They can be much more important.
• Regardless of whether you write about real people or fictional characters, try to adapt these stories to real life. People need to understand that heroism is not only in books or films, but it is also around us.
• Try to make the introduction of your essay as vivid as possible. This is the part of the text that attracts attention. If the introduction is boring, no one will read the body paragraphs. Use some creative hook for this: a joke, a quote, a question.

Why do you need essay examples

When preparing to write an essay, be sure to read some good examples. They will help you get inspired. But do not copy someone else’s text, otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism. Write an essay yourself or order paper from a professional author that will be 100% free from plagiarism. We offer you a good example of an essay:

My mother is a real heroine for me. On the one hand, she does not do any great things. On the other hand, even my mother’s daily activities can bring important results. She is a teacher who helps children begin their journey in life. My mother taught me the importance of being a kind and responsible person.

Each class of my mother is different, she communicates with completely different children and their parents. My mother also works with students who require a special approach. One day, she had a student whose parents were in the process of divorce. The girl refused to do homework. She was always very nervous and even aggressive. All the children said she was bad.

At first, my mother tried to give her a bad mark. She thought that the girl would want to improve her performance and take up the mind. But this did not work, the student only closed herself more. Then mom decided to try a different strategy. She began to communicate more with the girl. This was not talking about school or parents, but about the weather, music, sports training.

Then the student realized that she could count on someone’s support. Gradually she became more open. She began to study better and made friends among classmates.

This is just an isolated example, as my mother has many students. Each has character and own difficulties. As a result, these children grow up to be good people. I am proud that my mother helps them with this. She is a heroine.

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