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Exceptionally Interesting High School Research Paper Topics


If you have to write a research paper and the teacher didn’t provide a specific topic, you may struggle to choose the right theme. However, this may be a good thing. Just think about it: you have a chance to write about something that truly interests you. We’ve prepared sample topics on various subjects, so you can find what resonates with your interests and knowledge. Also, for your convenience, all topics are divided into three groups, according to the level of complexity: easy level, middle level, and difficulty level.

Easy Level High School Research Paper Topics

  1. The origin of rock music
  2. How the woman’s role changed since the last century
  3. The difference between prisons and jail
  4. What is heaven according to the Bible?
  5. What qualities determine a good teacher?
  6. The origin of the telescope 
  7. Is it true that the greenhouse effect causes global warming?
  8. Should the legal drinking age be lowered?
  9. The most meaningful invention of the past decade
  10. How do same-sex classrooms affect students?
  11. Is the popular ketogenic diet healing or harming?
  12. Why did the Roman Empire fall?
  13. The biggest success of NASA
  14. The influence of social media on teen literacy rates
  15. Does Google make people more intelligent?
  16. The optimal amount of exercise for staying healthy and fit
  17. Is a low-fat diet effective for weight loss?
  18. Are genetically modified foods harmful to human health?
  19. Is vaccination dangerous or lifesaving?
  20. The most effective methods to combat depression
  21. In what ways modern technology helps children in schools?
  22. At what age should a child be provided with a smartphone?
  23. Can social media cause anxiety and depression in teenagers?
  24. Is it true that computer games cause violent behavior?
  25. The history of cryptocurrencies
  26. The most effective ways to stop bullying in schools
  27. Positive and negative sides of marijuana legalization
  28. The most effective ways to improve memory
  29. The influence of smartphones on productivity
  30. Is it true that social media make people feel lonelier and more disconnected?
  31. Is water purification necessary?
  32. Should the death penalty be banned once and for all?
  33. How to be a true leader in difficult times?
  34. Is it true that there is too much violence in sports?
  35. What were the reasons for Hitler’s popularity in Nazi Germany?
  36. How can gun-related crimes be lowered in America?
  37. The impact of preschool on later academic achievements
  38. The interconnection between free meals and high grades in schools
  39. The interconnection between the child’s social background and grades
  40. One-child policy: does it work for China?

Middle Level High School Research Paper Topics

  1. The effects of prolonged stress on the human body
  2. Will self-driving vehicles substitute usual cars in the nearest future?
  3. Deforestation rates in Europe over the past 20 years
  4. Does ecotourism influence the environment positively?
  5. The impact of Donald Trump on international relations Is artificial intelligence the engine of progress?
  6. Divorce rates in the USA: what changed since the 20th century?
  7. The most powerful branch of the government 
  8. The interconnection between the tree size and the soil moisture
  9. How does air pollution impact human health?
  10. Unanswered questions about the dark matter
  11. The impact of climate in the development of Asia
  12. The invention of the chivalric code and its role in Medieval times
  13. The root cause of the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  14. The influence of DDT on human health
  15. The impact of Abraham Lincoln on the global economy of the US
  16. What was wrong with the Catholics according to Martin Luther?
  17. Non-Christian Europe: the rise in atheism and agnosticism over the last decades
  18. How does the Paris Climate Agreement help in solving the environmental issues?
  19. The impact of drones on warfare methods
  20. Does Black Lives Matter change the perception of racism in America?
  21. Why did the United Kingdom leave the European Union?
  22. How has the feminist movement changed since the 20th century?
  23. The major changes in the US’s immigration laws in the last decade
  24. No Child Left Behind Act: did it work?
  25. The evolution of Japan over the last century
  26. The influence of popular culture on core values
  27. Can competitors collaborate in the same industry?
  28. Should family affairs be more regulated by the law?
  29. How can symbols be used for marketing purposes?
  30. The effect of retro-marketing on consumer behavior

Difficult Level High School Research Paper Topics

  1. The development of the atomic-molecular theory 
  2. The influence of the US immigration reforms on Hispanics
  3. Music and art as alternative forms of treatment of mental disorders
  4. The major social and cultural factors in teenage eating disorders
  5. The influence of divorce on a child’s education process
  6. What factors motivate an irreligious person to stay highly moral and law-abiding?
  7. The role of automation in HR services
  8. What are the prospects of the virtual reality business?
  9. Can millennials who occupy managerial positions improve the business?
  10. The effect of gender diversity on the company’s financial well-being
  11. The impact of same-sex parenting on the child’s development
  12. How has the US public security changed since the September 11 attacks?
  13. The impact of women on the industrial revolution in America
  14. The influence of Andy Warhol’s art on the advertising industry
  15. How does child molestation affect personal relationships later in life?
  16. The effect of setting on the reader’s perception in The Great Gatsby
  17. How do standardized tests influence the educational process?
  18. The most effective ways to prevent prescription drugs abuse
  19. Should homeless children be provided with education?
  20. How do overcrowded prisons affect US society
  21. How can school authorities prevent teenagers from drug abuse?
  22. The interconnectedness between educational opportunities for women and their willingness to have children
  23. How does the sleep position influence early motor development in infants?
  24. The role of chemistry in industry
  25. How can sport help overcome posttraumatic syndrome?
  26. Is cheerleading excessively sexualized for teenagers under 18? 
  27. Is it true that politics negatively affect democratic journalism?
  28. Physician-assisted suicide: should it be permitted?
  29. Should organ donation in exchange for money be permitted?
  30. The root causes of the opioid crisis

Final Tips on How to Write a Research Paper

Maybe you’ve found several good ideas that seem exciting. Do not rush and choose wisely. Before you start writing your research paper, consider the following things: 

  • Does this topic or an issue seem interesting to you? Do you want to delve deep into this matter?
  • Are there curious details that are worth researching?
  • Can you gather enough relevant material for your research?
  • Does the chosen theme connect to your future research plans?

If you still have doubts concerning the topic, ask your instructor or a friend for advice. If you’re sure about the theme you’ve picked, pay attention to other similarly important things:

  • Plan your research time. Decide on how much time you need to gather materials, write and edit the paper. Be realistic here, and don’t leave everything for the last week. Sleepless nights won’t do you any good. 
  • Don’t forget about the word limit. Covering too much or too little information will negatively affect your grades.
  • Determine your purpose. Would you like to inform your readers of something? Maybe you want to persuade them to change their perception of certain issues? Do you aim to encourage people to act differently?
  • If you have too many assignments to complete apart from writing a research paper and too little time, you can entrust this task to professionals. Expert writers provide top-quality research papers on any topic, even if your deadline is tight. Avoid unnecessary stress and enjoy brilliant results! 
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