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Recommendations On How To Write A Diagnostic Essay


Suppose students should compose a diagnostic paper, they quickly get scared by its name because they want to know what they should diagnose. A diagnostic paper does not function as a standard research essay. It targets at analyzing or testing several skills typical for college students. Often provided at the start of the academic year by tutors, it assists teaching staff in evaluating specific course audiences or students’ current knowledge. Like with every task, there are particular things and rules to check that we plan to review in this detailed diagnostic paper guide. Note that our custom writing service experts give professional assistance when composing a paper of any complexity and type. Let’s glance over this guide to view what the diagnostic paper is. There is absolutely no reason to get nervous.

Diagnostic Essay Target and Definition

For the vast majority of American university courses, diagnostic essays might be defined as assignments that already show a well-known topic, or they are posing a prompt which must be replied to in the paper form. You are limited in time, in most cases. So if your deadlines are strict, and there is not much space left for considering, diagnostic papers might become challenging quickly. You should not conduct any research per se since the deadlines are strict, and there are several time restrictions. 

The diagnostic paper’s target is to help professors evaluate writing style, skills, and definition of the knowledge level related to every student. It must not show that you managed to read through specific books or conducted an in-depth investigation. A diagnostic paper might be compared to a creativity test, which is time-limited, though, helping in figuring out weaknesses and strengths. As soon as the essay is written, university and college tutors analyze it to provide you with further comments, writing tips, and recommendations on critical flows. Such things are worth being considered starting from grammar and finishing with formatting rules. What is more, professors also plan their own tasks and work according to the skills’ level that every student presents.

Although such tasks are never graded in most cases, they must be completed in a manner that lets tutors see the students’ skills to work on editing, strategic thinking, logic, paper creation, and preparation. Note that proper proofreading skills must be applied there too. 

Correct Format and Structure

Mind that your time is limited, so it is vital to mind formal structure first. This approach will assist you in eliminating rewriting challenges and additional editing. If the essay is not instructed to be written oppositely, a standard diagnostic piece of writing must include an intro, three paragraphs of the main body, and a conclusion. 


Try to repeat the prompt using your own words to present the assigned question or topic. Mention three central claims that will be shown in the main body. The final sentence in the intro is the thesis statement. It must be only one sentence long, demonstrating a strong call-to-action or claim. The correct thesis statement is a kind of road map throughout the entire paper. Each of the body paragraphs must refer to it.  

Three Paragraphs of the Main Body

Note that you should place only one idea in each of the three body paragraphs. It is a must! Create the claim and explain the way it is related to the thesis statement. If any personal experience, information, or statistics might be utilized to back up various arguments being made, you can add them here too.  


Summarizing every paragraph’s main point should be made in a way, making even the most complicated data clearer. You should not add any new thoughts in this paragraph. Restate the thesis statement in various words so that there will be no doubts for your reader. In the last sentence, speak of the problem or facts in a question to motivate them to research the provided paper topic more or act positively. 

  • Keep being specific as much as you can when you represent various claims and ideas.
  • Do not use general sentences. Suggest examples that assist professors in viewing that you are ready to complete the assignment. Show some analytical skills and strategic thinking.
  • Utilize logically correct and short sentences since it makes it more simple for further proofreading and editing. What is more, mind the word count.

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Awesome 25 Diagnostic Paper Ideas

Although most American professors offer prompts, you are free to analyze, create, think to see if students can generate something of themselves. You should select anything fitting your work or course contents that show and stand out your knowledge and skills best. Check out several diagnosis paper topics to brainstorm current personal ideas. There are a few diagnostic papers prompts in various popular subjects. 

Computers and Society

  1. Does social media damage, or is it helpful to physical communications between modern people?
  2. Must alcohol consumption age be eliminated for the USA’s youth?
  3. Are there any peculiarities of distance learning education if compared to old methods?
  4. Is the root of racial prejudice conflicts in physiology or psychology grounds?
  5. What will be the social networking role in 10 years?

Nursing and Healthcare

  1. Is there any impact by the college on the sleep patterns of contemporary students?
  2. Who of the nursing theorists impacted me, and how do I view my personal social input?
  3. Can stress levels be eliminated when you work in the ER department?
  4. Is traditional medicine practice acceptable nowadays?
  5. Must nursing personnel be politically correct or entirely honest?

Business Management

  1. What is the reason for the vast majority of business enterprises to turn to offshore solutions?
  2. What is the best way to prevent gender bias problems in the workplace?
  3. What are the pluses and minuses of outsourcing?
  4. What is the impact of social media on the company’s privacy according to the digital footprint?
  5. Do you agree that a successful business should be with a strong team leader and fair employers, and why?

Political Science

  1. Is the USA’s foreign policy damaged by the presence of America in Afghanistan?
  2. Can mediation methods help to achieve political agreement?
  3. Is data transparency in the media contributing to unbiased coverage on television channels?
  4. Who of political personalities influenced you the most?
  5. Do you agree that political conflicts and religious conflicts should not be linked together because they are not related?

Education and culture

  1. Can electronic books replace usual print books?
  2. What is the impact of social media on body image among the youth?
  3. Do online bloggers have a degree in journalism?
  4. Can interactive content replace physical teachers?
  5. Can alternative teaching methods coexist with a unified education system in America?

Diagnostic Paper Outline Example

To figure out the best way to compose the diagnostic paper, you should generate an outline. For instance, we will choose a topic related to print and electronic books. Like this diagnostic paper example:

Prompt: “Can usual print books be replaced by electronic books?”

  • The intro begins with a right hook sentence, short summary, and factual thesis statement. 

“Nowadays, more and more people tend to use electronic books. However, it is quite obvious that electronic books will never replace the print press. As long as it is much comfy for most people to use print books, electronic books will not replace them ever.”

  • The three body paragraphs starting with a topic sentence and introducing new ideas.

“Print books have their unusual smell of the print, which is very inspiring.

It is very convenient to hold a book in hands and turn the pages quickly.

Kids can use print books and not be impacted by the blue light of the screen negatively.”  

  • The conclusion should summarize and restate the thesis statement.

“To sum up, using print books is much more comfortable and useful because it will never ruin the health of the kid. Also, print books are very easy-to-use and have the original power that inspires them to read so they cannot be compared to electronic books in any way.” 

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