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Brilliant and Useful Marketing Project Topic Ideas for Students

marketing project ideas

Whether we want it or not, marketing determines what we will buy, eat, watch, wear and listen to in the foreseeable future and there is no way to change that. So the better marketing manager you become, the more profits you will reap – and more new goods you will deliver to consumers. Thus mastering classic marketing strategies and building your own ones in this digital era is a must. But on the way to this career a student usually faces loads of cumbersome tasks that are expected to boost creativity but drain it away instead.

Written marketing projects are one of these feared tasks because they require lots of efforts in preparation but they rarely make a valuable input to the field of marketing. Nevertheless, they are to be completed in time by students if they want to pass in the course successfully. Since this trouble is plaguing millions of students, we have to come up with a list of cool topics to research and tips to use while preparing the task. It will facilitate your struggle and end up in a decent paper interesting to read.

How to Look for a Good and Important Research Topic in Marketing

Usually all recommendations begin with looking up for gaps in previous knowledge, but this piece of advice is stale. Most marketing research project ideas are already well-worn and studied because they are matters of practical importance. So try to find what interests you instead.

To do so, you can browse the web and see plenty of marketing tricks being applied right away on standalone sites and in social media, you just have to pinpoint them and do the research. This approach is hot and cool, but mind that contemporary web marketing tools may not be explored enough to provide scholarly material for a credible high school paper.

One more way is to reach out and ask local small businesses what they do for marketing and if it brings desired results. This is how real marketing research works, so you will position yourself as a real researcher and practice-oriented specialist. Most probably their marketing tricks are classic ones, so you will find plenty of information to put into your paper and support your assumptions.

If this does not help as well, look up the ready-made lists of marketing research project ideas. We offer a number of such lists covering different fields of marketing and exploring both classic and modern takes on it. Feel free to choose a topic as is or to tweak it to better fit your major or interests.

Importance of Picking a Right Marketing Paper Topic

Does it really matter what you will write about? Well, it is just one of many theoretical marketing projects, so who cares about the topic anyway. Well, you should care first of all because it enriches you as a student and a future marketer, or even one of potential business owners. So do it carefully and thoughtfully, because you will never know how it will help in future.

The topic should be a) researchable and b) neither too wide nor too narrow. Researchable means that you will have plenty of articles and scholarly sources to draw from. Proper focus of the paper will ensure that it is neither too watery because you have run out of materials too fast, not too superfluous because you tried to fit all stuff you have into a modest 5-paragraph paper. So do not opt for a very complex topic or a topic that is primitive. Aim for something in a middle.

Not sure you can handle marketing project ideas for college students that appeal to you? We are here to help. Drop us a word about your preferred topic and we will do the rest. Or let us pick a topic that fits perfectly tour major and year of study. In any case, the paper you will get will positively impress you and your professor.

Still want to do some research first? Browse the lists that we have created right for your convenience.

Lists of Interesting and Complex Topics to Write About

The list is not exhaustive but it reaches into every area of marketing, be it Urban Marketing Ideas, merchandising, psychology of buying or Contest Marketing Ideas. Draw upon it freely and good luck!

Universal Topics

  • Gender in family shopping: the difference it makes;
  • Ethical and unethical retail moves: impact on buyers and possible consequences;
  • Adverting with fun: humor in brand building;
  • Fast food and healthy eating trends: opportunities to benefit from;
  • Ethical marketing of strong drinks;
  • Building relationships with customers for better retention;
  • Brand extension and brand personality: correlations;
  • Impulse buying and goods placement in stores: connections between the two;
  • Packaging and its influence on product popularity and sales.

E-Marketing and Social Media

  • Social media as underrated (or overrated) channel of marketing;
  • E-commerce in the US and its potential for marketing;
  • Social media vs messengers as marketing channels: current trends;
  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp marketing: key insights;
  • Email marketing: tips for keeping it real;
  • Evaluation of customers’ response to online marketing;
  • Google ads – worth it or not;
  • Measuring customer satisfaction through social media;
  • Traditional offline marketing and its future in the digital age;
  • Evaluation of giveaways in social media as a marketing move.

Tricks of Advertising

  • Seasonal marketing: times of year, holidays and customers’ expectations;
  • Marketing pared with social responsibility: what’s and how’s;
  • Marketing in urban environment: what to promote and how to promote (specific cases);
  • Brief outline of advertising development;
  • Ethics of advertising;
  • How advertising can build or ruin brand’s reputation (cases);
  • Advertising slogans: their creation and impact on consumers;
  • TV ads: their efficiency and upsides/downsides;
  • Discounts and sales: their marketing aspect;
  • Customers testimonies: where and when to ask and use;
  • Five foolproof advertising strategies;
  • Traditional techniques of trade sales promotion;
  • Business card as an advertising tool.

Product Management

  • Pricing: flexible vs. fixed;
  • Product merchandising in stores: what, where, why;
  • Introduction of new product to the market: preliminary analysis;
  • Perfect product line: number and kinds of products to include;
  • Fractional prices and their psychological impact on customers;
  • Real-time pricing and its strong and weak sides;
  • Choice of products for production and sales: costs and profits correlation;
  • Odd pricing techniques and why they are used;
  • Discounts and their smart use for marketing;
  • Optimal logo of a product and its impact on customers.

Debate topics needed? Check them out.

Marketing Project Topic Ideas for Students
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Marketing Project Topic Ideas for Students
Check out a list of cool topics that will facilitate your struggle and end up in a decent marketing project paper interesting to read.
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