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What Is A Newspaper Article About?


This sample of writing is devoted to a specific event or aspect of social life or personality. Such an article can be prepared for any kind of newspaper, whether written or online. This sample of writing should be drafted in a manner enabling the broad audience to grasp your message. Thus, this sample of writing should be:

  • clear;
  • well-structured;
  • accurate;
  • concise;
  • informative;
  • easy to read.

To reach this result, you should take this drafting seriously. Your writing sample will be reviewed by many people. So, make sure its content is appropriate. We know how to make your message sound this way. Here is what recommendations we suggest you apply for this kind of drafting. 

Before Starting Your Writing

There a couple of crucial aspects of getting a good newspaper article in the final of your work. Here they are:

If You Don’t Have A Topic, Pick One That Can Be Interesting To Others

From the start of your work, you should keep in mind that writing has to be specific to the request of your target audience. For this purpose, you should pick the info that is up-to-date and potentially interesting to these people. You may form a preliminary conclusion simply by reviewing the previous articles of a newspaper for which you are drafting an article. You should start and complete your drafting with one key point in mind – your article should bring some value to people’s lives.

Compete Through Research Firstly

Before starting your drafting, you should be confident that you have grasped all the most valuable and important aspects of the subject. Your info should be accurate and verified. All statements you express in your newspaper article should be and sound as persuasive. We have a couple of suggestions on how to do this:

  • Research all primary sources first – this can be various statistical data and official info from the state and municipal authorities, reports of various NGOs, and other organizations.
  • If there are witnesses of certain events you are going to write about, you may try to contact such directly to get the first-hand info about any event they have experienced.
  • Afterward, review all secondary resources that can provide you any useful info. Don’t be afraid of thinking non-standard in this course. For instance, you may review social media accounts. Recent trends indicate that useful info and opinions are placed there first.

During this research, make notes to help yourself. Keep in mind that you will be limited in space for your article. So, you should speak only about the most interesting points. Your notes will help you to see such among all ideas you have.

Review All Formatting And Other Requirements Carefully

For reaching the best results, review thoroughly all requirements this newspaper has. You should draft an article keeping in mind such. Redrafting will take extra time, and this is counterproductive. You also don’t want your article to be rejected by an editor, especially if it is interesting.  

Think About All Things That Can Make Your Future Reviewers Interested

For this purpose, there are simple questions to answer:

  • who are your reviewers?
  • when the case you are going to speak about has occurred?
  • what message are you going to deliver to your future reviewers?
  • why do you think this case may be valuable to your reviewers?
  • where did you get the info about such a case?

There are also various points you should consider while drafting:

  • select only those things that have the highest chances of making your target audience interested in your article;
  • try to look for conflicts, unfair things, some unusual or socially important things, etc. This is the shortest way to make your readers interested;
  • choose the most appropriate manner of drafting. Sometimes you should sound more official and sometimes is more appropriate. Still, in any case, be honest and present only accurate info on the subject;
  • be brief to the maximum extent possible. Your content should appear as a kind of concentrate of all info you have collected about the subject of your drafting;
  • pay attention to specific words that can make your article interested. They may not know such at the moment and can become interested in that. For instance, such words as Brexit or Megxit may attract extra attention to your article. Also, you may use some acceptable professional jargon. In any case, if you use certain words to attract the reader’s attention, reaffirm that you provide its meaning directly or in the context. Still, your future reviewers should understand its essence. Review your content from the reader’s perspective to double-check this aspect. Alternatively, you may ask somebody to give you feedback;
  • give some info that may update your reader’s knowledge on the subject. This will make your newspaper article interesting and make readers refer to it again and again.

Create Your Headline To The Point And Make The Structure Of An Article Relevant To It

This headline should be very specific and grasp your readers’ attention at once. Again, try to evaluate such from their perspective and develop the most concise statement. It should reflect the main idea of a text.

The rest of your article should serve the main purpose of writing. Develop a structure that can expand a topic effectively. To reach this, place some minor information in the introduction of your article. For its main part, leave the most valuable and interesting info. In the final of your article, place your brief conclusion and an interesting closing statement. Think about how to leave your readers with good impressions or give them a room for consideration. Your topic determines the form of your article.

Outlining the future text will help you in the course of preparation. When you see the list of ideas before you, it is much better to select among such the most relevant and interesting. 

How To Arrange Your Drafting?

Well, to get a good draft in the final of your work, you should consider these points:

  1. Good planning is essential for your work. Usually, submitting articles has some deadlines. Arrange your work with this point in mind. To reach this, divide the period of remaining time into separate timespans for your research, outlining, drafting, and checking. Make your schedule and use various software tools to help yourself at this point.
  2. Organize your information electively. To achieve that, you may apply the inverted pyramid. Range all statements you want to speak about in your newspaper article from the most to least strong. Such pieces of info should be logically related to each other. All important information should be placed first, and all supplementary should be placed closer to the final of your article.
  3. Chronology of events is important. If you indicate some events that had appeared one before others, make sure you do this chronologically. This clarity is crucial for not misleading your future reviewers.
  4. Apply the appropriate manner of drafting. This aspect covers many things. You should prefer active voice to passive. Structure your sentences well. Also, make sure they don’t contain any excessive word combinations. For this purpose, apply various editing tools that will evaluate the lengths of your sentences and suggest shorten or split such for increasing the readability of an article. This is important for your readers’ convenience. Make sure your content is not only interesting but also flowing. Clear, plain, and informative language is your must-have for this writing assignment. Tell it like a story.
  5. Avoid certain not very good things for this type of drafting. Some things are not very obvious. Still, you should avoid them. For instance:
  • avoid indicating the word ‘it’ in your intro. You should be specific to the chosen theme in this part of your essay. Use synonyms to prevent repeats. Still, your readers should be explicitly aware of the subject;
  • don’t use irrelevant words to avoid misleading your future reviewers; 
  • avoid speaking monotonously. A reasonable portion of emotions is always appropriate.

Final Words

Drafting a newspaper article is challenging at some point. This sample will be reviewed by many people. So, make sure you pick interesting topics and statements for your future readers. Focus on the preliminary profile of your target audience. This will help you choose the most appropriate manner of drafting and tools. Be specific, concise, and indicate only accurate info on the subject. This is the best way to draft a good newspaper article.

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